Audio CD - Joe Longthorne MBE - Lady Blue

Audio CD: Joe Longthorne MBE - Lady Blue

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“Lady Blue” is the brand new CD from Joe and is the newest addition to the TM Promotions catalogue. The CD contains a collection of the best of Joe’s own songs, each one personally chosen by Joe himself, a very accomplished songwriter. He sings and writes from the heart and this comes over in every track, from the much requested title track “Lady Blue” to the breath taking and classic “Joanna” and on to “Over and Over” a rock power ballad. With the inclusion of a spectacular live version of “Midnight In Paris” this CD is sure to be a firm favourite with Joe’s army of fans. We also recommend it to fans who have recently discovered Joe and want to hear more and learn more about the man himself. Listen to this collection and you are sure to gain an insight on Joe. These songs embrace every kind of musical styles and illustrate the enormous depth and range of Joe’s phenomenal talent.

Track Listing

1. Lady Blue (Longthorne, Dunstall)
2. Joanna (Longthorne, Mason)
3. Wave Breaking Over Me (Longthorne, Dunstall)
4. I Wish You Love (Longthorne, Dunstall, Osborne)
5. Do I Care (Longthorne, Dunstall)
6. I Still Love You (Longthorne, Dunstall)
7. Seven Wonders In The World (Longthorne, Dunstall)
8. Never Say Never (Longthorne, Dunstall)
9. Where Are You Now (Longthorne, Dunstall)
10. Over And Over (Longthorne, Dunstall)
11. True Love (Longthorne, Dunstall)
12. Ive Waited So Long (Longthorne, Mason)

LIVE Bonus Track. Midnight In Paris (Longthorne, Winters, Holiday)